The Playroom acknowledges that safety is of the utmost importance!

The Playroom is a parent supervised play area. The Playroom is not responsible for any injuries or lost items.

For health & safety reasons, The Playroom reserves the right to refuse admittance to a child if they are sick or if the number of children exceeds the legal capacity of our facility.

What are the Open Play hours?

Open Play hours are Monday – Friday 10am-6pm. Please call us for available hours during the weekend or check our facebook page. Should we not be booked for a party, we sometimes open for play. We are closed New Year’s Eve/Day, Easter Sunday, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Labor Day, Christmas Eve/Day.

Are socks required for both kids and adults?

Your child’s health, happiness and safety are very important to us. Cleanliness and good hygiene is essential to us all. In order to enter our facilities, everyone is required to remove their shoes and adults are required to wear socks with no exceptions. For safety and to prevent slipping or falling, we allow children to be barefoot. We want our playground to be the cleanest place possible for your child to play. Shoes can unintentionally track in dirt from the outside as well as harmful germs.

Babies crawl on the floor, touching and exploring their surroundings, and little hands go Into little mouths. For your convenience, pairs of brand new socks are available for $2.00, should you forget them. More Information? Check out this news story featured on Good Morning America. It's eye-opening about some of the germs we unintentionally track around with us every day.

Is a Waiver Required?

Yes. Waivers are required to be filled out by the parent, guardian or care taker of children entering our facility. You will also sign a daily waiver when coming into our facility. This can be submitted electronically. Please visit our online Wavier page.

How long can we stay to Play?

You are welcome to stay and play for as long as you wish during normal business hours. 

Is re-entry allowed?

Yes. There is re-entry allowed, with proof of payment from that day. In order to re-enter, you must have the dated receipt. No exceptions.

Are drop offs allowed?

No. All kids must be supervised by parent(s), guardian(s) or care taker(s). Please contact us as this rule is subject to change.

Can an adult come in to the facility without at child?

Child safety is our first priority, unless you are attending a birthday party, no adults are allowed in our facility unless with a child.

What are the rules of conduct?

There is no wild or reckless play, no pulling down sides of inflatables, no chewing gum. The rules are posted throughout the facility. If any child is playing in a reckless manner either themselves and/or towards others, they will be asked to take a few minutes break. We will work with parents to discourage reckless or wild behavior. If hazardous or reckless behavior continues, our staff may need to ask you to leave for the day.

Can we bring in outside food?

Yes, at our discretion. You may bring drinks and food for yourself or your children. (Including, juice, water, coffee/tea, breast milk, formula, snacks etc.) We also sell drinks and snacks. No food/drink in play area. No alcoholic beverages allowed in the facility. We ask that you be courteous to others and recognize that there are many allergies, so please clean up after yourselves.

How often do you sanitize?

We sanitize and wipe down frequently (every 1 1/2-2 hours) during open play with eco- friendly and regular cleaning products and at the end of each day we clean everything thoroughly, sanitize the ball pit and attend to the whole venue. We also use and diffuse DoTerra OnGuard Oils to assist in sanitizing the air and space. 

Do you offer free Wi-Fi?

Yes! We offer free Wi-Fi.

Do you offer group or discount rates?

Yes, we offer rates for daycares, religious organizations, mom’s group play dates, camps, school groups, PTAs and other large parties. We also offer 10 & 20 visit passes at a discounted rate to our loyal customers who wish to come and play on a more regular basis. Please call for more information 818-784-7529

Does the Playroom charge for babies or older siblings?

The Playroom is the only LA based playground that caters entirely to the younger ones. We specifically do not have really large climbers or toys that cater to the older age ranges solely for this reason. We are for birth to age 5 crowd. Children under 9 months, who are accompanied by a paid sibling, will be admitted at no charge. We cater to this small age group to insure the little ones don’t get trampled on by the really big kids.

What if a kid is sick?

We love your kids and always want you play with us at The Playroom, but ask you to please keep your kids home if they are sick! If we see that a child has come in and may be sick, you will kindly be asked to leave and given a complimentary play pass to return on another day when your child is well.


We do not offer classes on a daily basis, but do periodically offer drop in classes,  class series, and other great events including but not limited to - music , yoga, story times, CPR, bubble shows, dance parties , karaoke, karate, character entertainers, sign language, networking & other learning events for both parents and their children.  

How long are Private Parties?

Our Private Parties are two hours and include the complete use of the entire facility for all your play and party needs. We offer both rental of space and all-inclusive packages. We do allow extra time to be added to our first and last party slot. A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a date.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds.

When do I give you my final number of guests for my party?

When we call to follow up the week of the party, we will get the final number of guests.

We need to have the final count by the Wednesday before the party. Once we have the final count, that is how many children we will prepare for. Please note we do charge for each additional child over the amount allowed in the package.

What if all the guests don't come the day of the party or extra kids show up?

Once we have the final count from you that will be the number of children we will prepare for regardless if they come that day or not .A tally of kids will be made as each child enters The Playroom. There is a $12 charge for each additional child.

Do you count babies?

If your baby is under 9 months and cannot participate, they will not be charged. All other guests/ children participating in the party are included in the final head count.

Thank You. We appreciate your cooperation to allow us to maintain a clean, safe,  enriching and friendly play and party environment.