About Suzanne & Our History

The Playroom is a one of a kind indoor play space, enrichment center and party place offering a clean, safe & secure play environment where kids can explore, create, imagine and play alongside their parents in a stress free environment. Parents can relax, knowing their kids are entertained, stimulated and in a great space.

Visit and find out for yourself what others already know. Enjoy hours of stress free playtime, great classes & events, making new friends, watching your children take their first steps, celebrating a birthday or other special occasion and much more!!

The Playroom is and will continue to be home to all families looking for a clean, safe place to play, learn and celebrate.

The Owner/Founder Suzanne, is the mom of 3 boys. She spent years working in corporate America as a specialist dealing with daily operations helping others run their businesses and be successful.

After visiting an indoor play center with her son when he was little, and him contracting an awful virus from unsanitary conditions, which put him in the hospital for almost a week, she decided it was time to open and run her own play center. Under the circumstances, what better than a clean, safe place where children could play, learn, celebrate and have fun. Within 7 months, The Playroom opened its doors and hearts to the community and continues to put smiles on the faces of kids every day.