In order to keep The Playroom safe, clean and fun for all, we have a few simple rules we ask everyone to follow.

Adult supervision required - parent/guardian must accompany child. We are not a day care. Adult supervision is required at ALL times. Required Forms - parent/guardian will need to sign child/children in and waiver must be signed for each child that enters The Playroom.

Socks Only! No Shoes! - We are a shoeless environment - Socks are required for all adults and are available for purchase, if needed.

Food and Drinks - Outside food and drinks are available, but must stay within the designated eating area.

Dress Code - Children must be dressed in clean, dry clothing while playing in The Playroom. Diapers must be covered. Please bring extra clothing/diapers with you in the case of an accident. If an "accident" does happen, please notify us immediately. We strive to maintain a clean & sanitary facility.

No cakes, cupcakes, gifts, party favors or other party décor are allowed during open play hours Monday-Friday 10am - 6pm. Private & semi private times are available for these celebrations.

For your child's safety - Please NO chewing gum while playing in The Playroom (children).

Sick Child/Adult Policy - The Playroom enforces a sick child/adult policy. Out of respect for others, please do not bring your child to play if they show signs of illness and or if the supervising adult is sick. Children who are visibly sick will be asked to leave. We love your children and enjoy having them, so if they are sick, please come back and play with us when they are well.